Photon PCV XL
Photon PCV XL
Photon PCV XL

Photon PCV XL

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Extremely light, the Photon accelerates reaction speed by up to 20%. The Power Channel groove enlarges the string surface without increasing head size, while the VibraPlate Technology stiffens the head against torsion on impact and interrupts the transmission of shock through the frame to the handle. The result: an exceptionally solid hit with excellent control on off-center shots, and outstanding performance for power hitters. The Photon is the choice of national champions Mike Beres and Charmaine Reid. The Photon XL adds 1 cm to the Photon without changing the weight, increasing the power of this already impressive racquet. The extra centimeter is in the handle, allowing players to comfortably shift to a shorter grip as needed.

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Weight: 75g
Overall Length: 68cm
Rigidity Index:  82 Medium
Composition: Carbon SL
String: Ashaway Zymax 69 Fire
Recommended String Tension: 18-24 lbs.
Grip: PU Grip

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